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Room Parent Information for Newtown Elementary School:




A Helpful Guide for Parents Supporting our Classrooms and Planning our Parties

Thank you for volunteering to help support our classrooms! Please make sure you have all of your clearances on file at the Board Office! 

  • You will be planning and running 4 parties: Halloween, Winter, Valentine’s Day, and End of the Year

  • We will no longer be collecting class dues for grades K-5 (6th grade is separate for both dues and activity/party planning, so the parents in your classroom will be helping to donate items to the classroom parties. Should you need any help with anything, please e-mail the PTO at 

  • Collect parent’s e-mail addresses so you can set-up your own distribution list to communicate with your classroom families about parties. It is best to send a prepared e-mail to the teacher and ask him/her to forward to families, and they can contact you with their best contact information. The PTO may be asking you to forward information to your distribution lists well. 

  • Your teacher will let you know the date/time of the party and the food that is safe/acceptable for the classroom party. 

  • Reach out to your distribution list and ask for 2/3 additional volunteers to help during the party. Please make sure to be fair and give all parents an opportunity to help, and try not to repeat volunteers, unless you have no volunteers and they are needed. They need to have their clearances in order to be able to volunteer!

  • Plan for a game, craft, snack, and/or book (read aloud) activity for each classroom party. Make sure to keep the crafts simple and not messy, with not lots of glue/paint/dry time. 

  • Create a Sign-Up Genius of items needed for party (volunteers, food, craft supplies, and game supplies). Send out to your distribution list (or forward to your teacher to send) a few weeks before party time. 

  • Communicate with the teacher and approve the plan and food (include the school nurse for approval on the menu items) for the party before you send the Sign-Up Genius to families. 

  • Set-up the party and help to run the party for the students in your classroom. Make sure to clean up the classroom when the party is over.

  • Thank you for all your hard work and support! 

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