"Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.”

—  Author Unknown

The NES Equity & Inclusion Committee includes energetic parents, teachers, and NES staff, dedicated to making our school community a place of increasing respect and support for all. 


Mission statement

Believing that an inclusive environment fosters a sense of belonging for everyone, the Equity & Inclusion Committee is committed to cultivating a culturally inclusive environment where differences are valued, respected, appreciated and celebrated! In order to achieve continued academic excellence and sustain a vibrant educational environment, the Committee will seek to create a safe, nurturing community that embraces the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of others, promotes social responsibility in the school community, and will foster personal growth, cultural enrichment, and individual responsibility.



  1. Facilitating assemblies, programs, and activities throughout the year to increase global awareness within the school community.

  2. Serving as a resource for our school administrators and teachers by providing advocacy, coordination, referrals, and support for diversity related events

  3. Integrating a diverse reading selection throughout all grade levels

  4. Seek to recognize and draw on the talents of our diverse students, parents, and community to promote cultural awareness and understanding

We invite anyone who has an interest in meeting new people and learning about diverse perspectives  and backgrounds to join us. Our gatherings and events throughout the school year will be a perfect way to meet and connect with other NES parents. We highly encourage parents of diverse backgrounds to attend our events as a way to help them become an integral part of the school community. Stay tuned for our first event COMING IN November!!!!



KRISTI SANTIAGO - kristimanidis@yahoo.com

BERNELL HOLMES- holmes18940@gmail.com

KIM XANTUS- kimxantus@yahoo.com